Stansted Airport Dali Lighting Control

Stansted Airport Dali Lighting Control


Stansted Airport Dali Lighting Control – Recently refurbished with new DALI LED lighting throughout the building, to reduce energy consumption and improve the experience for passengers.

As a leading system integrator of Building Environment Controls, BEC helped to deliver a state-of–the-art DALI lighting control system, supplying L-DALI ME204 controllers linked to DALI sensors for occupancy and constant-light control. The lighting controls are integrated via BACnet to the airport’s BMS and flight control systems, to automatically configure the lighting at each departure gate according to the flight departure and arrival schedules, time of day, and ambient light level.

The lighting-control system uses energy as and when required, with luminaires powered on only when light levels drop below a pre-set threshold and when there is occupancy presence in these areas. Furthermore, the BMS was linked to the flight information system, so that light levels at individual gates within the time can respond to real-time flight scheduling.

By installing LED luminaires and lighting control systems the total reduction in energy consumption was 89%!

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