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Effective building control through the design and installation of BEMS courtesy of BEC means the efficient running of your building premises, increasing energy savings, long term financial savings and performance. With up to 90% of HVAC and building control systems currently being inadequate, the benefits of intelligent building energy management systems (BEMS) cannot be underestimated. Intelligent BMS Building Energy Management Services equals optimum energy efficiency…


With 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption managed via the BEMS, it is vital to ensure that it is serviced and maintained for the best performance. We have a friendly and experienced team of dedicated professionals on hand to support you in: Technical Support and Training / Critical Spares and Stock Management / BEMS Alarm Monitoring / Multi-System Support / PPM & Remote Planned Preventative Maintenance / System Check Services and Reporting and Digital Security / Platform Agnostics…


With many years experience in smart buildings and controls. BEC is leading the development of Smart Platforms and associated Analytical software. BEC ensures that all systems communicate properly withe each other, collaborating with building owners to ensure systems information will be accessible and usable whilst developing software for the integration, aggregation, and communication of the building. IoT – the communications network of objects with each other…


DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It DALI is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. An international standard for communication, DALI defines the commands that LED drivers and ballasts need to recognize. The system allows individual LED drivers and ballasts to “talk” to the user, and allows the user to “talk” back via DALI controllers, computers equipped with appropriate software or building management systems….


BEC are at the forefront of designing, installing and maintaining superior quality BMS / Building Management Systems

Although BEC provide fully rounded and comprehensive services and solutions for BMS / Building Management Systems spanning BeMS Design and Installation, Maintenance and Servicing, Integration / IoT and Dali Lighting, we also offer much wider and far reaching energy solutions services including, but not limited to CopperTree Analytics, Metering / aM&T, Smart Room Control, EV Charger and BAC Net…

CopperTree Analytics - Energy Information System Services

COPPERTREE ANALYTICS is the developer of Kaizen, a powerful ongoing commissioning and analytics tool that works in conjunction with your Building Automation System (BMS) and metering systems. It translates your building’s output data into meaningful information, alerting your team with the actions that need to be taken, and enables you to make informed decisions. Read More

Facility & Energy Management Software for Metering aM&T Services

Effective energy monitoring and management can unlock instant fuel savings and identify areas for upgrade and maintenance. BEC currently provide three Metering / aM&T solutions being: enteliWEB: Facility & Energy Management Software / EarthRight Facility & Energy Management Software and The Kaizen Energy Energy Information System (EIS) platform… Read More

Smart Room Control Services - O3 Sensor Hub 2.0

For those building owners that want improved energy efficiency and enhanced comfort, minus the extra expense to achieve it. BEC are at the forefront of smart room-control with solutions including: Self Powered Radiator Valves, O3 Sensor Hubs, O3 Sensor Hubs (2.0) and the O3 Room Controller for modular room integration… Read More

Compact EV Chargers

Compact Electric Vehicle Charger: Electronic vehicle chargers in compact 25kW and 9.6kW sizes. These small and slim models fit perfectly on exterior posts or compact wall mounts. For commercial charging of vehicles, free standing 50kW models are also available. BEC are able to provide Delta Site Management System Modular Software on EV Charger single and multi site installations… Read More

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