Harper Adams STEP Project

Harper Adams STEP Project


1. As part of the STEP Project at Harper Adams University, BEC were appointed to design, install and commission the BeMS system to control all the aspects of the campus wide, District Heating Network control system. The Energy Centre, complete with 1MW Biomass Boiler and 500kW CHP, is fully controlled and monitored to provide full visibility to the efficiency and operational status of the system.

2. The District Heating Network was integrated with the existing building control systems to ensure heat was provided by the DHN, lowering overall emissions of the buildings.

3. Solar Photo Voltaic systems are both monitored and controlled by the BeMS to maintain a constant production of energy during the peak production season when normal export limits would be reached causing the system to shutdown to prevent exceeding the utility supplier’s limits. Using a fully integrated system, the BeMS and Solar PV systems work in unison to lower production to a usable level, keeping shutdown of production to a minimum

Over 100 Energy Meters were monitored as part of the STEP Project to provide the University with full visibility of the system efficiency as well as energy and cost savings.

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