BMS Service & Maintenance

With 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption managed via the BEMS, it is vital to ensure that it is serviced and maintained for the best performance

It’s inevitable that the on-going changes in the way buildings are used will have a huge impact on the efficiency and functionality of their BEMS systems. With this is mind, it’s essential that an ongoing and efficient maintenance regime is needed for the control of your building services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, whilst achieving optimum environmental conditions to reduce energy cost expenditure. The BMS Services and Maintenance Division of BEC provides continued system efficiency and an ongoing support service with regular scheduled maintenance visits and prompt reactive services provides full year-round peace of mind.

As part of our BMS Service and Maintenance we are always looking at doing things ‘smarter’ in order to deliver considerable energy savings without compromising on the level of BeMS support or occupancy comfort.

Whatever your BMS service or maintenance needs, we have a friendly and experienced team of dedicated professionals on hand to support you…

  • Technical Support and Training.
  • Critical Spares and Stock Management.
  • BEMS Alarm Monitoring.
  • Multi-System Support.
  • PPM & Remote Planned Preventative Maintenance.
  • System Checks and Reporting.
  • Digital Security / Platform Agnostics.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Facility.


PPM / Planned Preventative Maintenance is essential to maintaining an optimal operational environment and energy savings management, whether it be a single site or larger estate. The performance of all equipment will be checked as part of on-site or remotely routine PPM planned preventative maintenance visits.

Remote diagnostic testing on remotely connected BeMS sites highlights operational defects prior to, or instead of on-site PPM attendance. This is extremely cost effective as there is no actual on-site attendance required.


We will create a bespoke checklist and asset register, which our engineers will the follow during the annual PPM / Planned Preventative Maintenance visit. We will record the temperatures and/or lighting controls to ensure that all conforms with environmental policies. Any non-compliance will be recorded and relayed to the site.

Upon request BEC will provide

  • Contract Performance KPI’s.
  • Contract Management.
  • Productivity.
  • Finance.
  • Quotes.


With a nationwide network of service engineers, BEC provides complete peace of mind for your BMS / BeMS. In using the latest technologies, we can test your BMS and diagnose faults remotely, providing work-arounds and remedies.

This improves the first-time fix rate of your operational environment and back in control, reducing the need for a costly independent call-outs and possible lengthy waiting times.


BEC are one of the country’s largest independent BeMS specialists. We are not tied into, or contracted to any BeMS platform or third party manufacturer. This means that we are then in a position where we are able to offer a truly open and independent BeMS advice and support service.


High-profile attacks such as the recent WannaCry cyber attack that crippled the NHS often take advantage of vulnerable old or out-dated BeMS and connected devices.

BEC has a wealth of experience in working with corporate IT departments to create safer and more secure buildings. Contact BEC for more detailed information on our Digital Security services in full confidence and privacy.


Wherever possible (in order to provide consistency and superior site knowledge), your site will have a dedicated lead engineer and a backup secondary engineer during every visit. To provide seamless continuity and understanding, you will have the same dedicated account manager and administration team for the duration of your contract.

For more information on BMS (Building Management Systems) Service and Maintenance, please Contact BEC

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