EV Chargers


Compact EV Chargers

Compact EV Chargers / Electric Vehicle Chargers: Electronic vehicle chargers in compact 25kW and 9.6kW sizes. These small and slim models fit perfectly on exterior posts or compact wall mounts. For commercial charging of vehicles, free standing 50kW models are also available.

Delta provides high efficiency, reliable, user friendly EV charging solutions featuring three major advantages: fast and convenient charging process, real time monitoring and control, and the smart grid capabilities for energy management and cost optimization.

Top choice for powering battery electric vehicles. Get rapid charging in a compact and lightweight design.


BEC integrate Delta EV chargers into enteliWEB Software

DCU- 50kW
12” LCD panel.
RFID reader for user authentication.
Dual plug output.

EVD – 25kW
The smallest dual-interface, 25kW DC wallbox on the market.
Low-cost installation for rapid charging.

EVM – 9.6kW
Compact and lightweight.
Designed for fast and easy installation.
Models with dynamic current adjustment.


Delta Integrated EV Charging

Delta integrated EV Charging infrastructure solution forms a Microgrid to handle changing service from distributed energy resource, EV charging, energy storage to energy management and optimize energy efficiency.

EV Charging Solution Distributed.
Renewable Energy.
Energy Storage System.
Management System.

BEC integrate Delta EV chargers into the enteliWEB software to give visibility, monitoring and control of each charger from within your existing BeMS software

For more information on EV Chargers and integration with enteliWEB software, please Contact BEC

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