Keele University SEND Project

Keele University SEND Project

We were employed to integrate the SEND information to the building BeMS system to reduce demand as and when required by the Siemens DEMS systems.

The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) – a European first, is an at scale environment providing a platform that allows energy generation, distribution, storage, forecasting and energy balancing to be intelligently carried out across different energy sources using the Keele University campus as a genuine ‘living laboratory.’

The SEND Project will deliver better energy management, reduce reliance on fossil-fuel derived energy, significantly reducing energy waste and provide the opportunity to trial innovative ways of energy use and management.


Change is needed urgently, we need to:

1. Better understand how we produce, distribute and consume energy in a more flexible and efficient manner.
2. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to significantly reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

Speaking of the SEND Project at Keele University in May 2019

We have the power, and the knowledge, to care for the world… Keele University is showing that it understands the importance of sustainability

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